Thursday, September 10, 2009


Have you seen my living room before?

We have been living in this house for almost 3 years now. And god, every year it looks different and I keep changing things all the time.

Wanna see how it looked from the start?

I used to paint our living room wall brown!! :D

And remember here that I told how I customized the old dining chairs I bought from the online shop? I also repainted the old wooden table that once we used in a study.

Put them all together in the living room, now we have a new dining set!!

And see, no more coffee-brown color here... :-)
The room looks much brighter and more spacious with this fresh-light-green wall, right?

However, the look doesn't stop there because just 2 weeks ago we decided to purchase "Billy bookcases" from Ikea, which I so so so longed to have.

ta da...

This is not a final version yet because I want to change the pendant lamp over the table too.

Right now the shelves still look a bit empty. But soon they should be filled up by more and more books. PHEW!! How much I love spending my time in this room. :-)

PS. I just realised that we use a lot of colours in our house. Oh, and I made 2 posts in one night! :D

My 'sweet retro' study

I just redecorated our study!

My original plan was actually having a study room with a bit of retro style, so I spent months to look for the old retro furnitures in the online shop (

And I found this lovely desk (below) for just 15 euros. :-)

It needed some spruce-up so I sandpapered it and then painted it white. I am quite happy with the result.

The picture above is how my study looked before (really dull looking) and see how it looks now (below).

I actually thought about having a real retro style of wallpaper and found one with really bright orange and brown colors
in our local shop. But after looking thoughtfully at it, I changed my mind. That retro wallpaper would make our room darker. So I picked the other one instead, the white wallpaper with these cute pink flowers on.

Look at the chair. Don't you think it looks so lovely? :-)
I don't have to do anything at all with it because I already love it as it is, the white color with that cute orange cushion. It's so comfortable to sit on and also in a good condition (looks almost new). Actually I have two. I bid 14 euros for two of them and that was the highest bid. So the owner decided to sell them to me. Unbelievably cheap, right?

The room is not completely done yet and there are a lot more to do. But I just couldn't help myself to blog about it already here. :-)

Oh, there are a few more pieces of furniture that also need some changes, like this one (below). And of course, I still stick to the retro style. Looking forward to getting all done!!!