Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First time here

It's my first time to write something here. Actually I have another account which I created 3 years ago and never used it. I didn't even know I had that one until I tried to create the name for this new one and it said "the name has been taken". Wondering who could be using that same name, so I checked and bingo! That was myself, haha. Unfortunately I can't remember from which email account I used to sign up that one (a new lesson; never have too many email accounts!). But never mind. I can start it all over again, here, with this new one.

That's it for my first blog. Hopefully more to come later on (although I have no idea what kind of stuff I will put here). Anyway, first I have to figure out how to make it look nicer here.

Bye bye for now!!

PS. That is my dog in the picture. His name is Tobey and he is about 1 year old. Isn't he so adorable? :-)

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Claire Louise Milne said...

Thanks for the visit! I love your header photo, it's lovely. Get writing :-)