Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New bedroom

The good thing about being able to do stuff by yourself is that you can do it anytime you want and don't bother to ask for the help from anyone. It's like you feel you want to change something and you just do it! LOL!

Simply, last two week my original plan was just abou
t cleaning our messy and dirty bedroom (although I love descorating but regularily cleaning is not something I look forward to, lol.). But when the moment came, instead of cleaning, I just stood there looking at my dark blue bedroom wall, which I painted last year after we had just moved in this house, I thought then that I didn't want it blue anymore.

The idea of doing something with it s
uddenly turned up. Remembering that I had 3 unopened rolls of the wallpaper that I bought long time ago for putting on the wall next to staircase (never got myself to do it yet), so I went in the other room searching for the rolls and after that I started wallpapering my bedroom. Just like that! And now we have a newly-done bedroom... again :-D

So the blue is gone. I also moved the bed to the other side and put the chest there instead. I am really happy that I picked the white furnitures for our bedroom. Either the wall is blue or the wallpaper we have now, the white furnitures seem to go with all.

I am not a wallpaper master and never did something like this before. Plus, I always believed that painting is much easier. But honestly the result turned out quite really good -- better than I expected considering that I had no one else to help me. I struggled a bit trying to adjust it on the wall and it was especially harder around that big lumpy area of the wall (I think it used to be a part of a chimney or an open fire. And when doing this difficult part I wished I had more hands to hold each corner of the paper!). But to be honest with you, I now think doing wallpaper is much much much more fun than painting.

I think this wallpaper makes the room look much nicer, brighter, and bigger than it used to be with that blue wall.

I didn't even tell my husband that I was putting wallpaper in our bedroom. It was meant to be a surprise (and hopefully a good surprise as well, lol). Well, he was really impressed when he came back from work and saw what I did with the bedroom (phew!). I guess he is now used to seeing me moving stuff around without telling him first --- after having been living together for 5 years, he has to be, hasn't he? Hehehe... Lucky me that he never minded what I did. Oh, he even asked if I can also do something like this with our living-room. :-D

Ah, I really love my new bedroom!!!


Maria said...

Hi Jinnie,

I love what you did with your bedroom, it looks great.
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, and thank you for being so honest. I will include you in the drawing for my gift to my readers.

~Maria in NC

Maria said...

Sewing a quilt by hand is not difficult, chose a simple pattern and go ahead, all you need is a nice small straight stitch and your seam allowance should be a little bigger than 1/4" (about 1 cm works well). Measure well and cut straight and off you go.
Don't forget to blog about your progress. :)

~Maria in NC

Epp said...

Lovely facelift to the bedroom, and I love the colours - so warm and cosy.
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main, (still grey here)! :-)