Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My new toy and a little update of my life...

Been absent from here for a while due to the down feeling of my life. A lot of (bad) things seem to keep coming. It's like one day I felt all right and strong and cheerful but then the next day, unexpectedly and unpreparedly, I was hit and crushed into pieces. I knew that life could sometimes be so unfortunate but really I never thought it could be this bad. But that's why it's called 'life', isn't it? Always full of the unexpected. However, I am ok now I think. Not 'completely' ok but at least it's better than the last few months. I am trying to pick myself up from the ground again and hopefully some good things will come along soon.

Well, I didn't mean to come here to moan about my unfortunate life. So let's talk about some fun thing.

I had been thinking about having my own sewing machine for about a year already and always ending up not to because I wasn't really into sewing. I thought it wasn't necessary or every time I wanted to sew I could just go to my mom-in-law and asked her to help me. Anyway last week I changed my mind and decided to buy one!!!

It was also on sale so that wasn't a difficult dicision to make, was it? :-D I am now thinking about making a nice slip cover for our sofa. I already have some white fabric at home but first I have to see how I can get it done. This could be a nice project to put my life back on track and finally enjoy living again, right?

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