Friday, April 10, 2009

My treasure, someone else's trash...

I just bought 4 old chairs from someone via this website and paid only 15 euros for all four of them. So cheap!! I loved them from the picture I saw and I loved them when I first saw them in real. Although they were red but that was not a problem because I intended to paint them white myself anyway. Transporting them was a disaster because we almost couldn't fit all in our car. But we did it anyway and arrived home safely at the end :-).

Let's see how they look before and after...

Before pictures: when they are sitting in our working room waiting to be painted. :-)


After picture: when I painted one in white.

So far I have finished only three and with excitement, I already tried fitting one next to our livingroom wall (recently repainted) to see if it looked nice with the new wall color. And it looked just perfect!

When I finish all of them then I will use them as our new dining chairs together with our new dining table. Ahhh I really like how they turned out.


Decor Addict said...

these look fabulous painted out white! Love them!

Epp said...

Dear Jinnie!
Sorry for such a long silence, and not answering your heart-touching last comment in my blog. I am sorry for all the bad things that have happened to you, and I truly hope that you and your close ones are feeling better now. Looking at you blog, I think you are! :-)

What a super makeover to these chairs! I would have done exactly the same thing. I envy you for living in a country of great finds (I remember an awesome second-hand near in Utrecht, close to the Paper Dome...). We have been trying to keep our eyes open for Sperrmüll (people throw out their old furniture on the street Thu night, for the garbage company to take these away the next morning), to find some cool renovation project, but we haven't seen anything except for cheap IKEA stuff made of God-knows-what and not suitable for anything. :-( Hmm, I think we might give it another try tonight. It's Thursday night, after all. ;-)
Greetings from Frankfurt!