Thursday, September 10, 2009


Have you seen my living room before?

We have been living in this house for almost 3 years now. And god, every year it looks different and I keep changing things all the time.

Wanna see how it looked from the start?

I used to paint our living room wall brown!! :D

And remember here that I told how I customized the old dining chairs I bought from the online shop? I also repainted the old wooden table that once we used in a study.

Put them all together in the living room, now we have a new dining set!!

And see, no more coffee-brown color here... :-)
The room looks much brighter and more spacious with this fresh-light-green wall, right?

However, the look doesn't stop there because just 2 weeks ago we decided to purchase "Billy bookcases" from Ikea, which I so so so longed to have.

ta da...

This is not a final version yet because I want to change the pendant lamp over the table too.

Right now the shelves still look a bit empty. But soon they should be filled up by more and more books. PHEW!! How much I love spending my time in this room. :-)

PS. I just realised that we use a lot of colours in our house. Oh, and I made 2 posts in one night! :D


Bee Ngơ Ngác said...

Soooooo beautiful!!!
I do love them ^^

. . . the urbanhen said...

What is the name/brand of the green paint color you used here? It's a great color!